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Immigration Lawyers Mesa, AZ

Westover Law Firm was founded in March 2008 by Jesse Westover and currently includes a staff of 5 wonderful legal assistants, 1 office manager, 1 marketing director, and 2 attorneys. The firm currently specializes in Immigration and Nationality Law, including Deportation Defense, Family Immigration, Employment Immigration, U Visas, VAWA, Work Permits, Naturalization, DACA, and all other related petitions of Immigration Law. Our Az lawyers provide legal services for individuals and companies or organizations for matters relating to business law, criminal law, civil litigation, and personal injury that involves immigration law.

Westover Law Firm prides itself on personal and friendly service, but above all strives to be honest with its clientele and discuss viable and realistic options, strategies, and potential results. We love helping families come together and businesses grow.




Family Immigration

Do you need an immigration lawyer for your family-based immigration needs? Manned by some of the best legal professionals, our firm handles all types of family law immigration like family-based immigrant and petitions of family members that want to become permanent resident. With more than a decade of practicing law, offering legal consultation, citizenship, and immigration services. Including but not limited to I-130's, Adjustment of Status, Consular Processing, I-601A immigration waivers, I-601 waivers, I-212 waivers, humanitarian reinstatement of I-130.


Deportation Defense

Westover Firm will zealously represent you in deportation/removal proceedings. In more than a decade of our law immigration practice, our Mesa lawyers have represented thousands of clients in cases including Custody hearings in detention, Cancellation of Removal, Adjustment of Status, TPS, Asylum, Voluntary Departure among other forms of defense in federal district courts, and immigration court.


Employment Immigration

Westover Firm has experience providing employment law and legal representation to both small companies to multi-billion dollar corporations with their employment-based immigration (employment based immigrant visas) or any immigration employment needs based on corporate law and business immigration. Our firm has successful experience with H1B, L1A, L1B, E2, E3, TN, and other non immigrant visas. As well as PERM certification, I-140, Adjustment of Status, and EB visas. We would be delighted to handle your company's needs because our Az lawyers know business law as well.


Administrative Immigration

Our firm has extensive experienced immigration attorney and experience with U-visas, VAWA, DACA, Work Permits, United States Citizenship, and Naturalization among other ancillary and related petitions. We can help with the immigration appeals of foreign nationals under your employ and petition for the removal of conditions on a Green Card.

Westover Immigration Law Firm
A team above all, above all a team

Why Westover Law Firm?

Westover Law Firm is an immigration law firm that was established with the idea that one could seek and receive expert legal counsel and representation from Az lawyers, but still feel welcomed and unintimidated by the experience. If you feel you are defenseless, you can have an Arizona attorney who will be there to provide you with legal counsel. As one of the best law offices that offers immigration law services and specializes in immigration laws in general, we feel capable of handling even the most complex immigration cases, immigration litigation, and immigration challenges, but seek to explain the immigration process to the client in a way that is understandable and organized. Clients are encouraged to be actively involved in their immigration case and we seek to have open communication about their immigration status, progress, and chances of success. With one of the best Mesa, Arizona immigration attorneys dealing with immigration matters, you can rest assured that you have a law immigration firm that will strive to reach your goals. So next time you need an experienced immigration lawyer or Mesa immigration attorneys visit us in our immigration law office or call us and we are happy to assist you in whatever your immigration law matters. We will have our best immigration lawyer assist you in getting immigration benefits, permanent residence, or finding legal status. Westover Law Firm is your managing partner when it comes to federal litigation, citizenship, naturalization, and more. Get in touch with us today and let the best immigration lawyers in Arizona help you in your immigration process.

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